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 Application to join Reckless

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PostSubject: Application to join Reckless   Sat Feb 16, 2008 9:19 pm

1.Can you get on vent?
Ofc i can
2.Age (As in how old you are)
I am 17 years old
3.Experience (As in how long have you been playing Lineage 2, which classes)
I ve been playing l2 for 4 years
4.Country (As in where do you come from)
I am from Morocco
5.Class (As in what is your character class as main)
I am playing as Warlock
6.Character Name (As in what is your character name)
7.Alternative Characters (List them if you have any)
I dont have any alt char
8.Subclasses (If you have subclassed, list which classes you did)
i dont have yet !! but soon
9.Noblesse (As in if you're one)
10.What retail servers and private servers have you played on?
i played on l2x, l2r, l2f ...
11.Previous Clans
i just came back in the server, but i was with EU before ..
12.Why did you leave your previous clan/alliance? (Reason)
-i changed the server ..
13.What gear do you have? You dont need to be a donator to join anyway just let us know what do you have .
no spec gears atm, but soon too ^^
14.Which clan you wanna join?
i want join Reckless clan ^^
TY ^^^^

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Application to join Reckless
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