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 Ach1les Application

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Forum Noob

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PostSubject: Ach1les Application   Tue Mar 10, 2009 6:29 pm

1.Can you get on vent? Not always.

2.Age (As in how old you are) 22

3.Experience (As in how long have you been playing Lineage 2, which classes) I ve been playing l2 for 3 years and i mostly played Sh.

4.Country (As in where do you come from) Greece

5.Class (As in what is your character class as main) Spellhowler

6.Character Name (As in what is your character name) IAch1lesI

7.Alternative Characters (List them if you have any) i dont have any.

8.Subclasses (If you have subclassed, list which classes you did) Sps/Gh/Th

9.What retail servers and private servers have you played on? L2 Forever / Azure l2

10.Previous Clans I was not that active on forever i was in a clan called KittyCat and on azure i played till 75 lvl then i stopped.

12.Why did you leave your previous clan/alliance? (Reason) I was in Twilight and i left cause i dont rly like the way they play no organisation at all and they invite everyone.

13.What gear do you have? You dont need to be a donator to join anyway just let us know what do you have . +16 Dynasty Robe +10 jewls and a +22 Hall.

14. Why you wanna join Reckless? Cause i like the way you pvp and cause you are organised
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Forum Marquis
Forum Marquis

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PostSubject: Re: Ach1les Application   Tue Mar 10, 2009 6:36 pm

Ach1les wrote:
1.Can you get on vent? Not always.
B4 you log ingame you must always be in vent . You obviously did not read the rules b4 you apply.
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Ach1les Application
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