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 Application to join Reckless team

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Forum Noob
Forum Noob

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PostSubject: Application to join Reckless team   Sun Sep 14, 2008 5:10 pm

1.Can you get on vent?
Yes, i have already
2.Age (As in how old you are)
I am 19 years old
3.Experience (As in how long have you been playing Lineage 2, which classes)
I am playing l2 4 years
4.Country (As in where do you come from)
I am from Lithuania
5.Class (As in what is your character class as main)
Me main class Abyss Walker
6.Character Name (As in what is your character name)
7.Alternative Characters (List them if you have any)
Don't have
8.Subclasses (If you have subclassed, list which classes you did)
Me subclasses Paladin,Necromancer,Phantom Ranger
9.Noblesse (As in if you're one)
I have it
10.What retail servers and private servers have you played on?
I am playing on Beyond C3 (x6 2004m~) , L2-ES C3-C4 (x35 2005m) L2Revenge C4-C5 (2006-2008)
11.Previous Clans
I have much clans
12.Why did you leave your previous clan/alliance? (Reason)
I Leave other clan's because not active or not friendly
13.What gear do you have? You dont need to be a donator to join anyway just let us know what do you have .
Me items now ZM +20 , SB F +16 , as h +16 , epic l , tit R , rev h , anthar , zaken , baium , ant queen , dusk shield
14.Which clan you wanna join?
I want join in this clan because this team active and good players with good experience
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Forum Marquis
Forum Marquis

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PostSubject: Re: Application to join Reckless team   Sun Sep 14, 2008 5:39 pm

Everything Seems alright imma answer you soon. Got to talk with you in vent.


Obviously you are not what are we looking for thx for your application.
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Application to join Reckless team
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